Shoe Fresh

Erdal Shoe Fresh is a shoe deodorizer with a long-term protection formula.

It is perfect for business, casual and sports shoes, ski and winter boots, and for all types of materials such as real and synthetic leather, textile and
nylon. Erdal Shoe Fresh with the fresh scent of lemon is hygienic and provides long-lasting freshness for up to 72 hours. Dermatologically tested.

Available in a 100 ml tin, for all materials.

To open the can for the first time, point the spray nozzle downwards and twist the lid. Turn the can upside down and place in the heel of the shoe so that the aerosol nozzle points forward into the shoe. Press the top of the can down and spray as required without soaking the shoe. After use, close the nozzle by twisting it. The quick-dry formula means you can wear the shoes after only a few minutes.

Spray entriegelnSpray in Schuh halten und runter drücken5 Minuten einwirken lassen (Sportschuh)
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Shoe Fresh