Impregnation Spray

Erdal Impregnation Spray with a long-term protection formula.

The effective impregnation of shoes, clothes and outdoor equipment made from real leather, textiles and suede. Also suitable for products with breathable membranes. The Impregnation Spray ensures reliable and long-lasting protection against moisture and dirt, and makes the material last longer.

Available as a 300 ml spray, for all colors.

Carefully remove all dust and dirt before using the spray, and test the compatibility of the material on an inconspicuous part. Spray at a distance of approx. 30 cm in a thin and even layer, without soaking the material. Do not polish or rub the leather when wet. Let it dry properly and then polish or rough up, if required. For optimal protection, repeat the treatment. For outdoor use only.

Do not use the spray on patent or imitation leather.

When applied on shoes, use Erdal Shoe Polish or Fine Shoe Polish after impregnation.

Schuh mit Bürste reinigenSpray schüttelnAus ca. 30 cm einsprühen15 Minuten einwirken lassen
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Impregnation Spray